A European Getaway to Algarve, Portugal

One thing I absolutely love outside of photography and cooking is traveling, and this past May, I had the wonderful opportunity to visit Algarve, Portugal with my two daughters. The trip was incredible and I absolutely fell in love with the area! We stayed in the coastal town of Olhao and oh, could I live there! 
Everything about Algarve was so beautiful and so different from life in the states. The culture and lifestyle is so unique, and I can definitely say people there live at a different pace. The people, the colorful tiles, the markets, the food, and the islands were just amazing. My favorite thing to do was simply get lost in the old town through the narrow streets with my camera, it was so invigorating and inspiring.
We spent our last night “glamping” on top of a wild forest, and it was truly an experience we won’t soon forget. It was refreshing to disconnect from our busy lives and just live in the moment as we reconnected with nature. One night definitely was not enough!
Honeymoon plans always come up in conversation when I meet couples, and as a lover of travel, it’s always so fun to be able to share some recommendations. Along with areas like Croatia and Iceland, Portugal is quickly becoming a popular honeymoon destination, and with good reason. It is certainly a place I would suggest to anyone. Algarve is a gorgeous area and I’m sure it would make for an unforgettable honeymoon. I would love to shoot a wedding there and I hope I get the chance to return soon!

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